Our Practice Areas

‘If you specialize in everything, you specialize in nothing’

No search firm can truthfully claim to be experts in every industry. As a boutique executive search firm we realized at a very early stage that if we were to compete with the very large "we-cover-everything" search firms, we had to pick a limited number of industries that we genuinely understood. 

So how did we end up choosing the five areas that you see below? its very simple, our senior consultants and associate consultants used to work at senior executive level in each one of them. We know the challenges and critical success factors in every one of them intimately so yes, we have truly walked a mile in your shoes.

Click below to read more about our competencies within each of the industries that we cover:

Information Technology ..

Some of the positions we cover:

  • Software Engineer/Team Leader/Architecture (C#, C++, Java, Cobol, Mainframe, Python, Django, HTML 5…)
  • Test Manager / QA Manager
  • Project Implementation Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Lead Technology Support Analyst

Ostergaard & Co provides its clients with superior technology talent acquisitions through our technology practice team. Our tech team consultants have real-world technology experience, making them the best-suited for conducting technology executive searches to enhance the staffing infrastructure in both private and public organizations.


Ostergaard & Co is dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber technology professionals, executives who can step into a technology position and begin contributing to your company immediately.  We connect time-strapped employers with talented technology candidates.

From start-up to Fortune 500 companies, our extensive technology knowledge base and proven record of accomplishment enables us to expeditiously and thoroughly customize and complete each Technology Executive Search. We provide outstanding service and bottom line results by servicing a comprehensive range of disciplines.

C-Level & Function Heads ..

Some of the positions we cover:

  • CEO’s
  • Legal Council
  • Board members
  • CCO / CFO / COO
  • General Management
  • Commercial and Operations Management

Ostergaard & Co provides its clients with top caliber candidates for senior executive positions. With all top level placements being led by senior partners who worked at executive level prior to joining Ostergaard & Co, we put candidates through a thorough vetting process that includes several interviews and realistic business cases designed by professional executives.

The “real-life” simulations ensures we pinpoint the type of candidates that has the necessary competencies, attitude and vision to start making meaningful contributions to your company from the very moment they join you.

With experience from having done senior level assignments for small, mid-sized companies and upto Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries, we have a very clear blue-print for the type of person needed at each level of your company’s development cycle.

Human Resources ..

Some of the positions we cover:

  • HR director
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Organisational Development
  • Learning & Development / Talent Management
  • Performance Management
  • HR Business Partner

It matters little whether a company is manufacturing components for the electronics industry or advising its customers on its financial matters, people are absolutely essential to a company’s success.


A strong HR function has the ability to both develop and implement an HR process that support and complement the company’s strategy. Whether its related to the intake of future leaders, developing high-potentials and the organisation as a whole and improving staff engagement, strong management in each of the critical HR disciplines can make or break a company.


Having consulted on HR matters to a broad range of companies and representing some of the leading companies in the fields of HR, Ostergaard & Co has built an extensive network of some of the very best HR candidates in the market – candidates who can truly make a difference in your company.

Supply Chain & Logistics ..

Supply Chain and Logistics

Some of the positions we cover:

  • General Management
  • Commercial & BD Management
  • Key Account Managers
  • Procurement & Tender Management
  • Process Excellence

The Supply Chain and Logistics team of Ostergaard is the original industry practice team. With two of the company’s founders hailing from the logistics industry and with a combined expertise exceeding 100 years, Ostergaard & Co’s network within this sector is unrivaled. We have access to the best talent inside companies that make, buy, sell, store or transport goods.


Ostergaard & Co understands that with ever dwindling margins and increasing commoditization of service offerings – sourcing people who have the ability to think unconventionally and challenge the way-things-have-always-been-done can be exactly the competitive edge your company need to stay ahead of your competitors.


Ostergaard & Co is dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber executives who can start contributing to your company from the moment they join. We serve companies of all sizes and understand that from a talent perspective its not one size fits all. Leave it to us to identify the type of professional that fit into your company and culture.

Banking & Finance ..

Banking and Finance

Some of the positions we cover:

  • Relationship Managers (tier 1 + 2 cities)
  • Compliance, Anti-fraud, Risk Management
  • Cash Management, Global Market & Portfolio Operation
  • Quant, Research, Analysis, Credit Rating
  • Private Equity

Ostergaard & Co provides its clients with superior talent acquisition through our Banking & Finance practice team. As with all our practice areas, the team members have real life experience from senior positions in the sector giving them unique insight into what makes companies in the industry successful


Applying our vigorous selection methodology which includes our client/peer-evaluation process, we deliver candidates who not only look good on paper but who has a track-record that is recognized in the market as a whole. As the talent shortage in this industry is rather servere we start out cooperation with new clients by designing a very elaborate employer marketing campaign designed to lure away the very best from your competitors and into your company


Ostergaard & Co have worked with companies ranging from start-ups to very large household names in this sector and we tailor make our search approach to fit your company’s exact profile ensuring a perfect fit with potential candidates