Our Partners

Axel Ostergaard Knudsen

Axel's career has spanned 30 years in executive positions in Fortune 200 companies in several countries in Middle East and Asia, including many pioneer years in China. Axel has always made it a priority to identify, mentor and develop talents in the various organisations, countries and cultures he has been privileged to have worked in. With management studies at Pennstate University, Axel holds a NLP Practioner certificate, a Certificate of Coaching Skills from International Coaching Federation (ICF) - he is a certified Brian Tracy Trainer as well as a certified Predictive Index (PI) consultant and practitioner. Axel is engaged in the business development, and expansion of the activities and geographical scope of Ostergaard & Co.


Nicolai Bro Winkel

Nicolai has spent the past 20 years working in China. Nicolai speaks Chinese and has held senior commercial and executive positions in SME’s and Fortune 200 companies prior to his joining Ostergaard & Co. Nicolai has attended MBA classes at Columbia and is certified in Targeted Selection Interview™ technique. He is a Brian Tracy Intl. certified trainer of trainers, he studied NLP and is a certified Predictive Index (PI) consultant and practitioner. Nicolai’s primary area of responsibility is business development for the recruitment and training activities of Ostergaard as well as facilitation of the various courses offered by Ostergaard and the companies and products it represents in Mainland China and Hong Kong. He is also responsible for Human Resource and C-level & function head executive search.