Partner Companies


Ostergaard & Co has formed partnerships and acquired licenses and distribution rights from a select handful of companies that offer best in class products that support our client commitment:



Predictive Index(r)

Ostergaard & Co is an official licensee of PI Worldwide and their portfolio of organizational improvement tools.

Based on Marston’s emotional theory (to measure behavioral styles) the flagship product is the Predictive Index® – the world’s most thoroughly validated personality assessment.


The Predictive Index® (PI®) is used by over 8,000 clients across the globe to help them with:

Talent Acquisition

Find and hire the right people:

  • Job definition creation
  • Job fit/gap analysis
  • Selection and hiring
  • Onboarding

Talent Development

Build teams and develop leaders:

  • Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Succession planning
  • Team building

Change Management

Build trust and manage transitions:

  • Culture shift
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Communication and Retention

Growth Strategy

Improve productivity and drive revenue:

  • Sales performance and coaching
  • Benchmarking and diagnosis
  • Influence and productivity
  • Leadership for rapid growth


As official licensee we provide the entire range of products from PI Worldwide and we run the Predictive Index© Analyst Certification Workshops in English, Mandarin and Danish.


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Ostergaard & Co is privilleged to be a partner company for PLI (Professional Learning Indicator) in Singapore and China.


The Professional Learning Indicator® has since its launch in 2010 positioned itself as the world’s leading accurate cognitive ability assessment system.


The PLI test system is available in 70+ languages and measures the cognitive abilities in your organization and among candidates for recruitment. This information will not just measure alertness and capability, but paired with a psychometric personality system like Predictive Index® (PI) it will provide comprehensive information for you about your individual employee’s capacity for performance.


The results of the PLI test enable you to match your positions with your candidates and to tailor communication and training to best match the individual employee’s potential.


Successful organizations across the world use the PLI to develop their businesses. These companies span a wide number of industries and have differring challenges but have one thing in common: a need to develop and find talented people.


“The PLI assessment is the most cost-efficient and  practical way to turn that knowledge into a comeptitive advantage in day-to-day HR operations, using Cognitive Abilities as a solid datapoint when assessing individuals. Easy to administrate, cheating-proof due to the unique contents of each test yet with 1-1 comparable results on all tests, and taking only 12 minutes for candidates to complete.”


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Ostergaard & Co is privileged to be associated with The Leadership Pipeline Institute and its portfolio of products including the Leadership Transition Programs® based on the seminal work on Leadership Transition: The Leadership Pipeline by Steven Drotter and Jim Noel.


The Leadership Pipeline Institute holds extensive experience in designing and implementing high impact leadership and organisational effectiveness solutions based on the Leadership Pipeline concept.


The Leadership Pipeline Institute has specialized in supporting companies building an internal pipeline of qualified leaders and in creating empowered and execution focused organizations. We support you to succeed in the ways that are most important to you.


With Steven Drotter and Jim Noel – the authors of the Leadership Pipeline book – as a partners we have turned the entire Leadership Pipeline concept operational. Working with The Leadership Pipeline Institute you will be provided with acclaimed hands-on solutions that can easily be customized to your organization.


How we add value:

  • We support you in creating a leadership powered company through delivery of successful leadership programmes with immediate   measurable impact.
  • We support you in turning your organisation into a talent factory with constant availability of ready-now talent.
  • We support you in creating a competitive people strategy that can evolve into a commercial competitive advantage
  • Exceptional results are based on your courage as an organisation to take on thought leadership when it comes to making critical choices

As a partner company Ostergaard & Co offers The Leadership Pipeline Institute’s workshops and products in Singapore and Shanghai.


Click here to go to the The Leadership Pipeline Institute website



Ostergaard & Co is privilleged to be a partner company for CATIL® Solutions and their suite of talent assessment products in Singapore and China.

CATIL’s suite of talent assessment tools gives HR Executives and all hiring managers the information they need to make fast, accurate and consistent people decisions at all levels of an organization. Backed by rigorous, scientific systems and supported by a global network of talent and recruitment specialists, organizations using CATIL® soon start to realize a competitive edge in their talent attraction, recruitment and retention strategies.


CATIL® Interview E-Guide – Save time preparing and conducting interviews, without compromising on the quality of your hiring results.


CATIL® 360 feedback – Identify leadership potential and plot objective and realistic development plans for employees at all levels of your organization.


CATIL® Interviewing workshop – Accelerate the speed of recruitment decisions and cut any hiring uncertainty with CATIL’s pragmatic behavioral interviewing framework.


As a partner company to CATIL® Solutions, Ostergaard & Co offers all of the above solutions in Singapore and China.


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